Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Marvellous - a blueprint for student engagement?

Keele University, in the UK Midlands, plays host to a unique character - Neil Baldwin.  Neil wrote a book about his colourful life that was made into a BBC film - Marvellous.  Neil also lists his occupation as "Clown" but has also been Stoke City kit man, Keele University greeter and his own football club player-captain.

Neil knows a thing or two about student engagement.  Lessons that many academics could follow:
Student engagement needs:
  • access to tutors at sensible times
  • knowledge of both academic and pastoral support available
  • time to spend with those who need it most
  • a relationship built on mutual trust
  • people who care
  • lecturers wearing baggy trousers (or is that just Neil the Clown?)
Fake that, and you've got it made!
P.S. Neil @Keele does not fake it.

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