Thursday, 1 February 2018

HE explained - The Lecture

At this time of year, academics are gearing up for the coming term or second-semester teaching.  Spare a thought for the students who will be subjected to a lecture, designed 20 years ago, updated each year or two as data loses currency, and showing little or no recognition of the learning environment of today.

But what is the purpose of a lecture?
Oh, yes, if we speak in the tongues of HE professionals, each lecture should have Learning Outcomes (LOs) linked to the overall LOs of the module or course.  LOs, typically, begin with a phrase like:

"By the end of the lecture students should be able to....."

Note that:  students should be able to....So, the purpose of a lecture is to achieve learning or change or development, in students.

Not to: bemuse, confuse or belittle students or to minimise time spent, or flatter the ego of the lecturer.

Instead of blowing the dust off that 20-year-old lecture, why not re-think it from the perspective of the student rather than the lecturer?

It might even catch on...

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